Hi, faithful reader am sorry to tell you that all free browsing cheats have been deactivated and the age of Free Browsing has come to an end. But not to worry there is something more intereresting just read below.


Since you cant browse websites for free, i want to teach you how to create your own website !

Sounds cool right !? ,
you bet it does, and of course its free !

During my leave of absence from free browsing i have mastered the art of web designing and web application development and also i have become proficient in developing android applications.
and i will like to share all that i have learnt so far (that's 2 years plus)
I will publish the tutorial series when i get 5 emails from people who are interested on my
new website . (you can check it out)
So if you want to learn how to start designing your own website, i will easily explain in the Nigerian way.
send me your emails to : hello at .
subject: Learn Website Design

One more important thing !!!

In-case you want to re-design your existing website or you want to create a mobile app or design a new website you can reach me on 08135143089 or email me at hello at
(i said that already) i will be happy to help.

I hope to hear from you :)


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